Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lammas 2017

I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I am all kinds of restless and distracted. Summer always is that way, at least since I had a kid that started school. The lack of routine and social interaction can lead to those feelings all on their own. However, I realize that life comes with seasons that naturally produce their own sorts of vibrations.

Today is a minor festival in the Wheel of the Year, known as Lammas (or Lughnasadh). It is traditionally celebrated on August 1st and is known as the Festival of the First Harvest. The more I research this ancient celebration, the more I realize I'm not the only one who feels restless this time of year.

I love summer, the only thing I love more than summer is fall, probably because it follows summer. There is something magical that happens in the sunlight and the long days of the hottest months (if you are in the northern hemisphere at least.) But at this point, the mark between the summer solstice and the Autumn equinox, I am finally saturated with Vitamin D and beginning to miss the productivity that school and autumn represent for me.

I read about the history of the Gaelic festival known as Lughnasadh named after the god Lugh. He held a feast and athletic event to honor his mother who died of exhaustion to make way for the agriculture of the Ireland plains. The mythology is fascinating, but still the legend hits home in a subtle way.

We planted a garden this year and are already reaping some of the fruits, specifically tomatoes. The peppers are coming and the herbs have already been supplying us throughout the summer. There is something fulfilling about harvesting food sowed by your own hands. In a world where the supermarket is the closest a field as we come, even this small harvest is significant to me.

It also so happens, that this is known as the time to make bread as the first grains are harvested. We have been making our own bread starter to do just that. I am excited to bake that first loaf. Though, due to other obligations, that will probably have to wait until next week, but still the celebration is still strong in my heart.

There is a restlessness that is natural with the steady quickness of the harvest and the preparation for winter. We are only in the early stages yet, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier in the night sky and I am already anticipating the cooler days and nights to come.

In another place I researched this celebration, it was called the "Tide of Ebb and Flow." I can see that too. I feel like I'm in a sort of limbo. I was excited as summer began. Living in the Pacific Northwest gives me a new appreciation for warmth and sunshine. I grew up in South Carolina and knew heat and summer thunderstorms during the summer months. Now, it is dark and damp most of the year, it is during these precious summer months that I can relax and just be.

Yet, somehow, I feel restless and lost in a way. It is during this day, the Lammas celebration, that I begin to meditate on why I've been feeling this way. I am both sad and excited to see the sun dip lower in the sky earlier in the evening as we head once again toward autumn and the fun of school, football and routine. But I don't want to dismiss this precious time either. I am grateful to the sun and the ability to slow down and live in the moment.

This summer I have lacked focus and decisiveness, but I have gained inspiration in droves that I can't wait to bring into the cool autumn air with hour blocks of time to focus and write once again.

Life is full of seasons and I for one am grateful for their passing and their encouragements to seek contentment in the moment.

This has been a season of both joy and frustration. It is a season of transition, so I expect nothing less. I am thankful for the time, the sun and the harvest. I yearn to grown in this season, in this moment, and bloom in the next. My restlessness is undeniable, yet from it have learned that growth happens when we least expect it and by finding a balance and graciousness for this season I am prepared for the next.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Think I Need To Fail More

There is an old saying, "The master has failed more times than you have tried."

I imagine this saying with a meme of Yoda, old and sage, guiding young Skywalker to fulfill his destiny.

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I laugh along with it, just like everyone else, but then I start to see some truth in his words.

Writing has been a passion of mine for most of my life. I've written about it recently in a post called, Why I Write. But even though I've been writing for years, even being published in newspapers, magazines and literary books, I want more. I want to write a novel. I want to make a career out of writing. The thing I realize it this... I need to fail more.

Which means I need to produce more. Because the result of doing a lot of work is not always grand success. Sometimes it is as simple as finding a process that works, an inspiration that calls, or a motivation that entices me to finish.

I need to write and publish more, without a fear of failure. So what if two out of ten posts are a complete flop. At least I continued my practice of developing ideas and putting them out into the world for review. I can learn from what doesn't work more easily than I can learn from what does. People are always more specific in things they dislike as opposed to things they like.

When someone reads a post or a book they either hate it, nod at it an then move on, or it inspires them to create something of their own. I always aim for the latter, am happy with the nod, but it's from the haters that you can learn to be better at your craft.

Now don't get me wrong, haters are gonna hate. There are going to be people that just don't get you, think completely differently, or are just having a bad day. Nonetheless, there is always constructive criticism worth listening to and developing from. There is no use getting worked up over this, it is all part of the process. It is just another failure on your way to becoming a master of your craft.

I want more of this. Not that I like failing, but to become better, you have to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. This can be hard and you may not be good at it, but keep trying, it will be worth it in the end.

I want to fail more so that I can be better. And because it means I am giving all of myself to my craft. I want to keep working and trying to improve. Most of all, I want keep doing the thing that I love in the hopes of inspiring others to do what they love. If I can do that, for even one person, then all of my strife, rejection and success will be worth it. The simple act of writing is enough for me.

Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid to stop trying to do new things and explore what you love to do.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Balance of Inspiration and Motivation

Any project, big or small, needs both inspiration and motivation to complete. I apply this directly to my writing, but honestly it pertains to my hobbies as well.

Inspiration is an animating action or influence for creation, providing a reason to start a project. I find insight in my writing, but also in my yoga practice, my cross stitch, my painting, my cooking, and my reading. Honestly, the list could go on. I find an idea to explore and give myself room to do just that. Inspiration helps me convey a concept, at the very least it gives me a reason to try something new or do something that I already love.

Motivation is having a strong reason to accomplish a task. This is what you need to finish a project. I've seen numerous motivation posters calling to make it to end of the race or the day. It is what makes you persist through the doubts and setbacks. It is what we need to be able to share a complete idea or product with others.

You need both. It must be a balance. The inspiration begins the journey and the motivation sees it through. It can work in any medium; however, I apply it most to my writing. I get a thought, or spark an idea and want to move forward and find the right combination of words to aptly share that idea with others.

However, life gets in the way, constantly. I get distracted and nothing makes sense. Someone needs me or I have another project that needs to be priority. Some days I'm just too tired to even bother. Those days without motivation irk me as much as the days without inspiration.

Sometimes I am ready to work, I have the motivation, but I can't decide what to work on or where to go next within a project. I lack the inspirational influence to create something new. I steadily write notes that surround me, but it seems if I wait too long to expand on an idea it floats away never to return.

The balance between inspiration and motivation is difficult, I'm not going to lie. It remains a consistent struggle. To create a habit of writing that is continuously seeking new input and refining designs for output, is the key to be able to do it forever.

This habit is still in progress for me, but I'm becoming more confident in my abilities. I'm starting to see where I need to reach for to make my passion into a force to be reckoned with. There will always be good days and bad days. Projects that shine and others that fall flat. But that is okay and it is part of the process. Some things work and some don't, but you have to keep trying. Don't fear incorporating new things into your practice and yearn to grow as an artist and as a person. You never know how far you will go when you seek both inspiration and motivation.

Try, fail, and then keep moving forward. Be inspired and be motivated to share it with the world. Now go!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Novel: Leap of Faith

The inspiration for this novel slapped me in the face during a rare getaway experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. This excursion was the first trip I have taken on the West Coast that wasn't immediately surrounding Seattle, WA where we moved almost three years ago. I went with my best friend, we've known each other since we were four, and had the time of our lives.

I had never been to Las Vegas before and found it fascinating. The expansiveness of lights and sounds overwhelms the senses. People from all over the world come to this city, for many reasons. There's the gambling of course, but I wasn't very interested in that.

Fine dinning also brings a lot of tourism to the city. I heard about the food scene, of course, but still, I didn't expect it to be so sensational. We ate at Carlos' bakery, most well know as Cake Boss and Buddy V's Ristorante. They were both indescribable, a real treat. Of course we also ate at Chili's, but there is something amazing about chili cheese fries as a pick me up after walking miles in the heat on a Wednesday afternoon.

Another favorite for Vegas tourists are plentiful and diverse shows. Everything from music to theater, dance to illusionists, aquariums and so many Cirque Du Soleil shows you could see a different one everyday of the week. We enjoyed Mystere tremendously. The entire show fantastically stimulated all the senses and I eagerly absorbed every moment.

In the afterglow of all of these wondrous encounters, I realized the other allure to the city. Las Vegas is a location that doesn't follow the rules; a rebel with a reputation for extravagance. You can drink on the streets and dress in any way and you would not stand out, simply by the extreme range of diversity.

In a city where anything goes, I could imagine it easily becoming a sanctuary for people trying to find something absolutely unique. But then, what happens when you don't find it? Do you move on to keep looking or do you get stuck?

In Leap of Faith, Aria is down on her luck. After a series of bad choices and irrational circumstances she seeks out a place so different from where she began that she doesn't even recognize herself anymore. The move from South Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada was supposed to be an adventure to find herself. It started out amazing, but after almost three years of mediocre accomplishment, she begins to wonder what she's even looking for anymore.

Roman is an easy going software engineer who just hit his big break with a promotion and his first out-of-state convention to represent the company. All of his work finally paid off. It's all he's focused on since his father passed away his senior year of high school. Now that he has everything he's wanted, is there anything else to look for too?

On an irregular night with longtime friends, Aria experiences an encounter that she can't quite explain, but somehow knows it's exactly what she's been looking for all these years. Roman hasn't looked up from his books or his despair for so long that the trip to Las Vegas opens his eyes and his heart in ways that he couldn't even imagine.

A chance meeting between two very paradoxical people changes both of their lives forever. But what happens when the night ends? They are two different people living on opposite sides of the country. Is that the end for them, or will they consider taking a leap of faith?

Leap of Faith will be my first publish-ready book. I'm currently in the editing stages of this project learning as I go what it takes to finish writing a book. This is an incredible journey and a dream in the making. I hope to begin deciding on my publishing process by Autumn of 2017.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why I Write

I have been writing ever since I was young. I don't know when I started, it has always been a constant in my life. When life gets rough, I reach for a pen and scribble my grievances. When joy overwhelms me, the ink flows freely still.

I know I have always tried to figure out how people work. I was not exactly a loner, but I enjoyed observing others. I always looked for a connection. And most of the time, I found one.

I don't write to make money. I don't write to gain fame. I write because I enjoy a good story.

Life is hard. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, living brings daily challenges. Life is a series of bad days and good experiences. But this is the one thing that we all have in common. The trouble is that we forget that we are not the only ones with troubles.

I believe storytelling is a way to bridge that gap. Through the power of words we can connect. '

"The names and faces change, but the story stays the same." This is a mantra I have heard my entire life. The longer I live, the more I believe it. I am in my thirties now and I still remember thinking that was the ancient years. To my daughter I am. And yet, I still feel young, and more inspired now than ever before. Experience, both good and bad, has allowed me to make connections with the world, the people within it and the systems that govern it.

I write because it is a part of me. I write because a good story transcends segregation. I write because I am thrilled by the idea of always connecting, evolving and learning just a little more than I knew before, especially about myself.

People always say to follow your passions. However, how do you know what that is? I suppose writing is a passion, but to me it feels like more of a lifeline. Without putting words on paper, I am lost. It is how I make sense of my surroundings. It is how I understand emotions. And it is how I relate to others.

What do you do? Writing is only one form of creative expression. Any way that you connect with the world and with yourself. Creativity is a very powerful skill, no matter what style you use. It can save you from a wild spiral into self-destruction.

The crux is, it can sent you there too. Look at all the writers and artists who have suffered over the centuries. The creative process is powerful, and yet necessary, for ourselves and the world beyond us. What then are we suppose to do with this double-edged sword?

Wield it. What else are we suppose to do?

The creative process can be summed up in one word., adventure. I don't know what that means for you, but for me it means hiking up to the peaks of innovation only to slide down the avalanche of self-doubt to discover a trail once again that you didn't even know existed.

Creativity is a wondrous world. One which I hope every soul can experience. Whatever your creative endeavors, believe in yourself and they will see you through.

Why do I write? It's simple. Because to not to would be absolute absurdity.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Celebrate Small Victories

It is amazing how easy it is to get overwhelmed while working on a big project. Have you ever noticed that? I'm in the middle of editing a novel, trying to prepare it for publication, and the amount of work that needs to be done is staggering. One day I feel like I have it all figured out needing only time and the next I feel crushed under the weight of expectation.

I relate to this phenomenon in response to more than just writing my novel. Building the foundations of this Website has spurred despaired feelings as well as several other crafting and life projects. The point is, it doesn't take much to rouse self-doubt.

Don't fear! There is a way through this paralyzing reaction.

My approach is to take a very large project and break it down into many very small steps. Then, if possible, split those steps into even smaller steps. The goal is to make each item on the list so minuscule that it would seem silly not to get it finished today.

A substantial project will take a great amount of time no matter what way you look at it. Take the time to section off what needs to happen within the time frame you intend to finish and make each item an accomplishment you can achieve within the amount of time you can work on it in one day. By breaking down a daunting task into easily manageable pieces, doing any action on it feels like a very productive endeavor.

Now, celebrate that victory!

This concept is helping me really keep moving on editing my novel. It is the motivation to drive you from one day to the next. As long as you keep those tiny goals you set, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your larger venture.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Make A Mark, and Start Your Story

“Make a mark, and start your story.” ~Author Unknown

I read this quote somewhere about a month ago and it made a significant impression on me.

It is interesting to me where and how we receive inspiration. I am awed by artists who create brilliant works of art and cast them out in the void for all to see and judge. I am still often times paralyzed by the idea of sharing my art and writing.

My most challenging obstacle is the beginning. Usually, if I can just begin, the process builds on itself and I can simply enjoy the flow. However, that first mark sets the tone and guides your way. That first mark is intimidating.

All it takes is a mark and your story will begin to tumble out of you. Whatever your art form, whether it is your profession or a passing hobby, don’t be afraid to make that first mark. The journey you begin is worth any risk because in the end, life and art, are simply practice. Focus that practice into something positive and enjoy the ride.

This segment of my blog, “Positive Practice,” is my mark to begin my journey in publishing. I am excited to see where it will lead.

Where are you heading? Have you made your mark to start your story? What are you waiting for?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Slow Down and Enjoy This Moment

Life moves fast, and I don't know about you, but I often find myself lost in the hurried pace. I think it is about time to take the reigns of our lives and slow down a little.

I get it, there are appointments and deadlines that fill my calendar too. Nonetheless, in the race of the everyday toil that is life, let's not get set adrift by the tedium that makes this day feel like the next. Instead, take a minute and look up, at least once each day, and intentionally enjoy where you are at. Remember why you are there to begin with.

When our daily pace leans into a gallop, we will begin to miss stuff. Instead of racing by, take a look at the scenery around you. Wherever you are, find beauty in it, or even, create beauty to leave there for others to find.

I don't like the sense of feeling disoriented that comes when I'm trying to keep up with an endless to-do list. I end up just feeling...not enough. I forget why I'm going through the motions in the first place and lack that sense of accomplishment. I begin to feel untethered and breeds the way for stress to come waltzing into my mind.

I don't want stress. I want to find rest and inspiration in those pauses in between junctures instead of anxiety. I want confidence and peace as I flow through my days. I want to slow down and keep my priorities in order. I want to enjoy each moment and live it fully.

I challenge you and myself, as we begin this week, to slow down and truly enjoy the moment you are in.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Overcoming Cabin Fever

It has been a cold, wet winter here in Seattle and I find when I get cold I tend to hibernate. Like a bear, I eat to gain warmth, I hide away in a cave (or in my case, our new house where the heat is consistently on) and I don't tend to see many people.

This time of year as I impatiently anticipate spring, I begin to notice a crankiness that wasn't there before. I realize, I am not meant to be holed up like this for so long and promptly diagnosed myself with cabin fever.

This ache is sadly perpetual for me as the cold days of February turn into the cold days of March. I think it is generally common for many during this time of year, especially who live in cold weather climates. From experience, I know if not treated with interaction and exercise, it will manifest into depression.

I am trying to overcome this before it takes root. For me the answer is to not miss my yoga class, no matter how much I just want to stay in where it is warm. I also go out of my way to invite friends out for coffee or lunch so I spend time with people who inspire me. And I write, a lot.

So I appreciate you reading my ramblings because I know I’m not alone in the dealing with the melancholy of winter. Instead of turning inward this year, I want to reach out and connect with others. This is a start. What do you do to overcome the cold and isolation that winter brings?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eat What Makes You Happy

"Eat what makes you happy" seems like an encouraging, yet dangerous phrase. I have suffered from the habit of "comfort eating" my entire life. As a result, I was also overweight most of my life. It took a move across the country and an extensive lifestyle change to break that habit.

On the other hand, food is a delight and there is no need to deny yourself bites that you enjoy. The trick is self-control, which is hard no matter what you are talking about. Food is on the long list of objects demanding self-discipline.

Our ability to set limits on ourselves opens up all kinds of opportunities. If I can go to the store to look without blowing my budget, it makes shopping a pleasure I can afford to do more often. If I can watch one episode of Once Upon A Time without marathoning the entire season, I will have more chances to look forward to a good show without it cutting into my writing time. Similarly, if I can open a bag of chips and eat just one serving instead of the entire bag, it's not something I really benefit from denying myself once in a while.

So my point is, yes, eat what makes you happy. Have a small handful of chips or that piece of dark, savory chocolate. (My weakness currently is Girl Scout Cookies.) Just remember, a little goes a long way. And at the end of the day, making healthy choices for yourself will make your happy everlasting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happiness Comes From WIthin

If you are like me, you often look to external things to make you feel happy and loved. I seek out people, food, or even a serene place to have a moment of contentment.

The crux is, people are busy with their own lives, food (even healthy food) is no longer nourishing in large amounts, and those places are sometimes more peaceful in my head than in reality.

We naturally spend a lot of energy seeking love and acceptance from others. However, I want to point out, you have that love and joy with you all the time. You can receive it from yourself.

True happiness is in each of us, we only have to know how to find it. Stop wishing for things to be different and begin accepting and appreciating the reality of what is. If you seek improvement, make a plan and then give yourself time to reach that goal.

Be present in this moment and find contentment in whatever you are doing, wherever you are at and whomever you are with. Don't wait until later because "later" is a wish that never truly comes to pass.

Choose to be happy, here and now. Then, as you move forward, your happiness comes with you.

Monday, February 27, 2017

More and More You

“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.” ~David Lynch

Meditation is a big word that sounds intimidating. It reminds me of monks sitting cross legged with their hands in prayer saying “OM.” And though, you can meditate in that way, the act of meditation is so much more than that.

Meditation is simply a continued or extended thought, reflection or contemplation. For me, meditation brings a stillness to my mind that allows me to focus on what my priorities are and let go of all the other clutter bouncing around in my mind.

The act of meditation is simple, but the practice is much harder. By this I mean that it takes a conscious dedication to turn a simple act into a habit that can have a lasting affect on your life and attitude.

Moments of anxiety, frustration, and rush are almost expected within our busy days. What if peace, calm and intentional living are expected instead. This does not mean there will not be hard and busy days, but it is a way to make those days manageable and even enjoyable.

Meditation does not turn you into someone else, it simply allows you to accept who you truly are and be able to move more smoothly through the obstacles life throws at you.

Start with just a moment to tune out all the numerous distractions and focus on your top priority in that moment or maybe for the day. By being able to remove the clutter from your mind you will be able to think clearer, move freer and be the best you possibly imaginable.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Go Confidently and Live

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau

This is a quote filled with inspiration. Be confident! Live your dream! Be all that you imagined! These are words that make me feel wonder and delight, but only abstractly. How do you make all your dreams come true?

Short answer: hard work and planning.

I want to break this quote down to turn the abstract vision into a tangible intention:

“Go confidently”

I think this is the most important part of the entire idea. You must believe you can. If you don’t think you can achieve your dreams then you never will. It’s as simple as that. I’ve had a tough time with self-doubt, especially in my career as a writer. That simple block can keep you from doing so many great things or, if I’m honest, anything.

“In the direction of your dreams.”

Did you read that? As long as you are going in the right direction and always moving forward, you are doing all you can in this moment. There is so much to learn from the journey and sometimes you even find new directions, but it all leads to your dream. There is little reward in reaching your destination if you don’t have a story about how you got there, or learned anything along the way. Those are the important moments, the ones that make you who you are and your dreams so fulfilling.

“Life the life you have imagined.”

First off, what do you imagine? Create a clear picture in your head. One of the easiest ways to get lost on a journey is to not have a good idea of where you are going. If you know where you are headed you can begin with a map. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need step by step directions with calculated turns, but it does mean that you need a plan. You have to give yourself the right tools to work with and a direction to head.

Give yourself time and don’t forget about the hard work. Your dreams are not going to fall into your lap. Even a good opportunity takes time and effort to be fulfilled. Don’t get discouraged or distracted. Just keep heading in the direction of your dreams, be confident in your intention and you will live the life you imagine, not only when you reach your dreams, but every moment along the way.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Calm Breath, Calm Mind

Life is busy, all the time. It is important to take time away from it all to find peace. However, I need calm in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon just as much, if not more, than a weekend or vacation day. Once I realized this is possible, my entire world changed and my anxiety kept its distance, even on my most busy days.

The secret is breathing.

I know what you’re thinking, “It can’t be that simple.” Oh, but yes, it can.

Calm breath equals calm mind. This has been my mantra for the last few months and it has made all the difference.

Everyone has flaws, mine involve a quick temper and anxiety. The only way I have found to alleviate these feelings is to focus on my breathing and taking a few moments in meditation.

Yoga has helped a lot with this process. At the beginning of each practice, I am reminded to breath in, breath out, let it go and focus on this one moment. That process works on and off my mat. It is easy when I am focused and being led through the motions. However, the method works just as well in my daily life as it does in a studio.

Now when technology frustrates me, people irritate me or writer's block drives me crazy, I just have to remember to stop, breathe in, breathe out, and let the moment flow.

Give it a try...breath in counting slowly to three, now with the same count let it go. Be in this moment. Whatever is in your mind distracting you and causing you anxiety, breath it in and now let it go.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Choose Your Happy

We spend so much of our life waiting to be happy. I'll be happy we I get that promotion, publish that book, or go on that vacation. Maybe when warm weather comes or when the cool weather comes I'll be happy. Isn't it Friday yet? On Friday I'll be happy.

Society tends to treat happiness as a destination, some place we arrive. However, happiness is no more than a state of mind. Just like we feel hungry, tired or angry, we also feel happy. It comes and goes, a fleeting emotion, that can only be appreciated in the moment.

We anticipate being happy, just as we try to force happiness on others. And this is the undoing of our own happiness. 

You can't make everyone happy! Or anyone for that matter. Except for yourself. Just focus on what brings you to life and everything else will follow.

Happiness is a choice. 

Just as you would eat if you are hungry, find small ways to fill your soul when you seek happiness. For me it is taking time out to write, reading a good book with a cup of coffee, or taking a walk with my camera in hand. Those are moments I choose to be happy.

And I don't worry about anyone else.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Positive Practice: Day One

Welcome to my Positive Practice!

I've had this tradition for a while now, but it has recently occurred to me to move my practice into a public forum.

My "Positive Practice" is to intentionally try to find something to inspire me in a positive way each day. I look for encouraging quotes, uplifting ideas, joyful impressions, or sometimes, just something interesting to think about. Positivity comes in many forms. The purpose of my practice is to illuminate a path to navigate the darkness.

There is so much hate, stress and negativity in our world that you can easily become overwhelmed by it. I don't want to get caught in the landslide of perpetual destructive thoughts and miss out on the opportunity for everyday joy. Peace, contentment, creativity and love can burn brighter and rise above the anger of the world. Those reassuring characteristics are what I want to seek out and cultivate in my life.

This is a daily practice for me. It is something I have to really work at. Sometimes finding the good in a day or a situation can be hard. Like really hard. But it is also where I find joy. Everyday.

Practice is the repetition in exercise or the application of belief. I consider my "Positive Practice" both a repetition (finding joyful thoughts in the everyday grind) and an application (believing that by surrounding myself with inspirational ideas and uplifting interpretations, I can achieve a sense of peace in a vicious world).

Thus, I encourage you to join me on a journey to discover and spread joy in a world determined to find nothing but discontentment. Let's cultivate a daily Positive Practice.